Ah, the beauty of Venture... (Note: I used a mod, this is not an actual biome)


Thomas the Tank Engine Doesn't Want to Set the World on Fire

The final cut scene shown when you beat the game.

Venture is a game about a beggar named Robert who murders animals and slaps oaks to live. At night, colorful people want you to kill yourself. And they wanna assassinate you.

If you are mining gems and you die in a magma hole, that is a great thing. Jewels are bad.

Fireplaces, Fireballs, Lava Pails, Acetone Peroxide, and Fire Steel are the only things you need to live. The safest place to live in is Hell. There is a lot of molten rock and flames there.

The best creatures are holocausts, multers,espouses,and Pipipis!

The Game's Synopsis

You need to burn the planet with bonfires and watch it do so. You win after the world becomes an apocalyptic desert.

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