2028 Scarlet

Scarlet in 2028

The Real Scarlet

Scarlet is a Spike Morpher, everyone think that she is adorable, and not kill, but she have a target to eat, she make BarBQ to melt there the Shrimp Lad and eat him, because Shrimp lad is adorable then she, she work in Trigger Corporation.

Memorable Quotes

— Scorpi before Shrimp Boy was released
Come, come to me, I am adorable, I cannot do nothing, and now I am going to murder you *malicious laugh*.
— Scarlet currently
Trigger what I need to do now?
— Scarlet when working
I created you all. Now, you will say that Scarlet is love, and Scarlet is life. Where is your old deity now? Oh right, he is swimming with the devil fishes in fuck! I am your new Yahweh. I am your new man. I am your new grandma. Ha. Ha. Ha.
— Scarlet having taken over the planet(but we all know that Ultimate Trigger Civilization control on this exoplanet and they cannot be falling)


  • Do not look at her eyeballs
    • You will be killed or you will fall with she in love.
      • Always you will think that she is adorable.
  • She has the ability to hypnotize you.
  • She need to eat, melt and murder Shrimp Lad.
  • Her body fluids are shared with Boyd.
  • She looks like Dwight from Macedon but with the entire head being the abominable side when you take her makeup off.
  • She needs to roast Gilbert.
  • She needs to roast Baylee's head when inflated.
  • She was originally gonna be a giant walking eyeball with feet.
    • The eyeball is adorable.
  • Her face was on the screen for one hour of The Norphers Movie
  • Her special version was in her BarBQ set.
  • Trigger is the only one who not killed when he look into her eyeballs.
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