Smoke blocks every day!
— Advertising Slogan

Minecraft Snoop Dogg is a resource pack created in 2067. It is about lighting up blocks and smoking them. Truman really needs to ban this theme. Burny SanderMan is this reosurce pack's biggest fan.



After the Brogres and MLG Pros took ogre the world in Star Wars, they created several MLG resource packs. They decided to make a Snoop Dogg one with the help of Burny Sanderman.


The skins revolve around Snoop Dogg and his m8s. Every skin includes 1,000,000 spam Instagram posts by Snoop Dogg. The skins have a warning saying "Parental Advisry: Explicit Content".

  • Wiggle! -wiggly Snoop Dogg skin
  • In the Next Episode -Dr. Dre and an extra blunt
  • Concert with Eddy Wally -a rekt stadium
  • Spamming hideous photographs on Instagram -an iPhone with a lagging Instagram app
  • Shrek's Dank Kush -a swag Shrek with Dino and girlfriend
  • Smoke Weed Everday! -enough cannabis blocks to create 365 blunts

Wave 2

  • Smoking dope with SanderMan (Burny exclusive skin)
  • Concert with Wiz Khalifa -Wiz Khalifa skin (terrible voice included)

Cannabis Bloc

The Minecraft: Snoop Dogg introduced the cannabis block. They are ordinary Minecraft blocks, but they can be assembled to form a blunt. You can smoke the blunt with your m9s. Minecraft obtains this piece by crossing ogre the Mexican border.

  • Truman needs to ban this item.
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