Cool Matt's Games aka Cool Math games is a horrible site made by the 13th Doctor with Math Games on it. All of these games are bootlegs. They are also bootlegs of bootlegs. The original games cause masochism due to their impossibility to finish. They have ripped off Venture in a recent game called Ninja Miner.

List of Games

  • Ninja Miner (led to this page being made)
  • Sun for the Vampire (Impossible)
  • Laser Maze (Supports Nazis)
  • Fatty Genius (impossible)
  • Amigo Coyote (Rip off of racist game)
  • Run (11th doctors favorite game. Sequel to light jog)
  • Worlds Hardest Game (dangerous)
  • Use Boxman (Hates Boxwoman)
  • Red Ball 4 Volume 2 (Athena Hawkins' favorite game. References editing this wiki)
  • Others
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