AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!11!1!11111!!1 is what you say at the end of a creepypasta to make it sound great.

Example: "Today I was playing Venture and I saw Brendan with fluorescent pink eyeballs and he destroyed me. When I spawned, I was in a home that I never even built. Then, a cannibal came and murdered me and my computer froze. The mouse would not work, but my PC was still working. I pressed "FN', then 'F5', but the mouse still was not working. Then the Command Prompt opened and '/ipconfig' was automatically typed on. Then, my mouse was working again. The Venture game lagged so I exited out. Then, I looked at my desktop background but it was not the same. Instead of a picture of Exotoro in a thong, it had a picture of Trigger Payne with fluorescent pink eyeballs.


-True story by User:Edit page script

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